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Mustafa Sarhan

SocialMedia Marketing expert

Mustafa Sarhan : SocialMedia Marketing expert said Digital transformation provides huge potential for development


Mustafa Sarhan is an Italian of Egyptian origin and resides in Austria. He has great experience
and expertise in the field of social media.
Within a short period of time, he was able to build a name in providing electronic services
through social media platforms.. He was able to gain the trust of many influencers on social
media. He manages many celebrity pages on social media platforms.
Where he established a company through which he provides a lot of services over the Internet,
such as creating applications and websites .. and providing drop services. Example
Graphics & Design
Logo & Brand Identity, Art & Illustration
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising
Writing & Translation
Articles & Blog Posts, Translation
Video & Animation
Video Editing, Video Ads & Commercials
Music & Audio
Voice Over, Producers & Composers
Programming & Tech
WordPress, Website Builders & CMS
Databases, Data Processing
Virtual Assistant, E-Commerce Management
Online Tutoring, Gaming
Create social media content
Social Media Design, Social Media Marketing
Develop a brand identity
Logo Design, Business Names & Slogans
Develop social media ad campaigns
Social Media Advertising, Social Media Design
Develop online ad campaigns
Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Display Advertising
Edit videos
Video Editing, Visual Effects
Write captivating content
Articles & Blog Posts, Website Content
Build a website
Website Design, WordPress
Create an animation
Whiteboard & Animated Explainers, Logo Animation
Online Store, Marketplace Listing
Produce a business video
Video Scripts, Video Ads & Commercials
Upgrade an existing video
Visual Effects, Video Editing
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Edit photos and images
Product Image Editing, Photo Manipulation
Create print-ready designs
T-Shirts & Merchandise, Illustration
Take professional photos
Product Photography, Local Photography
Improve gaming skills
Game Coaching, Game Sessions
Create streaming assets
Graphics for Streamers, Animation for Streamers
Translate content
Transcription, Translation
Book & eBook Publishing
Write & Edit Your Book, Design Your Book
Content Creators
Services, All in Content Creators
Real Estate
Brand Your Agency, Promote Your Listings
Architecture & Interior Design, Landscape Design
Reach new users through influencers
Strategy & Research, Shoutouts & Promotions
Produce a 3D design
3D Modeling & Rendering, Industrial & Product Design
Build a mobile app
UX Design, App Design
Develop a game
Game Development, Game Art
Develop a software idea
Desktop Applications, Chatbots
Write business content
Website Content, White Papers
Produce professional music
Songwriters, Singers & Vocalists
Prepare for a job search
Resume Writing, Resume Design
Finalize a song
Mixing & Mastering, Session Musicians
Produce a podcast
Podcast Content, Podcast Editing
Gain insights through market research
Market Research, Surveys & Research

Mustafa Sarhan
Has international expert for marketing and communications technology, stressed that the digital
transformation must become the strategic goal during the coming period within all institutions,
whether governmental or private, noting that the digital transformation is an investment in
thought and behavior change to cause a fundamental transformation in the way of work, by
making use of Significant technological development to serve the beneficiaries faster and better.
Mustafa Sarhan added, that digital technologies are witnessing a rapid development that may
exceed its acceleration more than what it witnessed in its previous development so far, and it is
not satisfied with networking and exchanging information between people, institutions and
countries, but rather provides more capabilities that include the networking of things, and the
implementation of complex cognitive processes and analysis of information, As well as directing
mechanical machines to perform various tasks with unprecedented accuracy.
Company name : terzoo
Country : Austria
Website: www.terzoo.co